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What to Expect:

The fitting process can take some time as we get to know you and your goals.

We'll have you run/walk so we can analyze your gait and body's biomechanics (how your body moves when you're running/walking). We'll ask you questions about any previous/current injuries, cushioning preference, terrain that you run/walk,

It's ideal to bring the socks you normally wear when running, but we have ones you may use to try on shoes if needed. Wearing comfortable clothing will make it easier for you to test shoes.

After getting to know your running style, we'll measure your feet- length, width, arch. Knowing your goals, gait and measurements helps us to select the shoes that will meet your individual needs.

We'll bring out a variety of different styles from the category that best suits you.

With premium brands such as Altra, Brooks, La Sportiva, Mizuno, Salomon, and Saucony, you're sure to find a shoe for you.

After you're laced up we'll have you hop back on the treadmill or head outside so you can run in them. Again, we'll check your gait and biomechanics while you run.