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Why hire a coach?

As a coach, I'm focused on YOU.  Your goals, your workouts, your schedule, your life.  I tailor plans to meet your needs.  It can be overwhelming to find a training plan. Whether you want to crush a race or just learn how to make running a part of your daily life, a personalized training plan will be tailored for you, your abilities, and your life.  When we get together, we'll discuss your current fitness level and any goals you may have.  If you're unsure of your goals, we'll work together to find one (or more!) that you can attain.  My job is to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Please use the "contact us" page if you are interested in learning more about coaching services.


"Big thanks to Jennifer Soisson at Brush Mountain Running and Outdoors, Inc for the running lesson this week. Cameron had a great time and ran better after one session."  -Todd K.


-$100 per month

-Initial face-to-face meeting or video call to review your running/fitness history/current abilities, discuss your goals, analyze your gait, understand your lifestyle and any obstacles you may face each week

-Unlimited email and text throughout the week

-Personalized weekly training plans delivered to you via Google calendar or email

-30 minutes of phone conversation or in-person weekly recap

-Exclusive discounts on running gear


Couch to 5k- $35

Experienced 5k- $50

10k- $60

15k- $70

Half Marathon- $80

Marathon/50k- $90

100k/100 miles- $100

-Initial face-to-face meeting to review your running/fitness history/current abilities, discuss your goals, and analyze your lifestyle to determine any challenges/obstacles.

-Training plan

-Monthly check-ins during your training so we can discuss how it's going and make modifications as needed.

-Exclusive discounts on running gear


Individual: $50 per hour / $35 per half-hour

2-People:  $40 per hour per person / $25 per half-hour per person

Group of 3 or more:  Please contact me for pricing

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